Custom Made Jewelry


Much of what we do at White Diamonds is design and make jewelry. Custom jewelry is a very personal thing. It’s not for everyone but it might be for you.  If you want something special that you can’t find, we can certainly make it for you.We can work from your ideas or ours. It is not uncommon for someone to bring in pictures of 4 or 5 rings and want a feature from each combined into a single ring. We can do that! Maybe there is a ring you like but you want a larger or smaller center diamond.  Or maybe a different shape center stone. We can do that too. Fewer or more accent stones? Of course! Bring your dreams and desires and we will turn them into reality. The following examples were made for  specific persons’ tastes. We present them simply to show things we have done and can do. We have many more examples we can show you in the store. As these are custom designs, made for specific persons, you may find that you don’t like several of them. That’s fine! Life would certainly be boring if everyone liked the same things!




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